“I love Aaron’s honest, straightforward approach. His passion and knowledge for the craft are contagious and his coaching skills are so beneficial in the auditioning process. I was truly impressed with the level of talent. I would highly recommend his training to any actor.” (Jackie Lind – Casting Director)

“Aaron Craven has an innate ability to calmly square you up with exactly where you need to go to get into the scene. As an actor with over twenty years in front of the camera, and as a teacher myself, I don’t say this lightly. He’s as genuine, knowledgeable, and as direct as you can get.” (Ted Whittall – Actor –  Beauty and The Beast, Suicide Squad, Farenheit 451)

“Aaron Craven is a superb instructor and coach with an immense amount of industry knowledge, expertise and experience. There is no better person to learn from than someone who is as active as he is. I am grateful for his invaluable insight and feedback as well as consistently challenging and pushing me to improve my skills in front of the camera.” (Davin Tong – Actor – A Million Little Things, Wu Assassins, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist)

“I have so much respect for Aaron as both a coach and a human being. As a coach, he is straightforward, knows so much about the industry, and has a unique way of helping you explore a character in a way that works for the world and tone of the show. Through training with Aaron, I’ve gained more clarity to my scene study process, and feel much more fearless and confident about my work. He doesn’t try to psych you out or manipulate you to reach some emotional break – instead, he offers you the tools to be consistently present, committed, and emotionally open.  (Doralynn Mui – Actor – Riverdale, Deadly Class, Kung Fu)

“If you want to succeed at something, learn from someone who is doing that thing you want to succeed at. Aaron takes the experience and knowledge he gains from always being on set and imparts that to his students. I always find myself coming back to Aaron’s acting class because he creates a great atmosphere for practicing the craft. He’s practical, very smart and has his finger on the pulse of the industry.” (Reese Alexander – Actor – Riverdale, Supergirl, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)

“Aaron creates a safe, supportive and fun environment, giving you the opportunity to work on improv, auditions and scene study.  He teaches his students to bring their authentic self to each role creating honest, interesting work.  Aaron brings to each class his vast experience and a current awareness of the business as he is successfully crafting his own career. He teaches me skills to get the job and the tools to take with me to set once I book it. The Working Actors Gym has been my home base for many years and I am a stronger actor for it. Thanks, Aaron.”  (Robyn Bradley – Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, Blockbuster, iZombie)

“Aaron has the rare ability to translate something that is so intricate into its simplest form. I have never been to a class in the years I have studied with him where I didn’t learn something new about myself. No matter what level you are at, whether you are booking work or not, Aaron will find a way to bring your craft to the next level. No gimmicks or shortcuts, just acting in its simplest form.” (Paolo Maiolo – Actor –  Nancy Drew, The Twilight Zone, Supernatural)

“I love how Aaron hand picks the material for each student to match the actual work and audition the individual is actually getting called for.  Always keeping it fresh with scene studies, cold reads, improv, audition techniques and current audition pieces, I’ve been more confident in the audition room and booked the work.  Thanks Aaron!”  (Rob Carpenter – Actor –  Motherland: Fort Salem, The Twilight Zone, Riverdale)

“Was a BLAST in class. I have to say I was incredibly impressed with Aaron’s insight. I’ve worked with a lot of people, and he was not only spot on with everyone else I observed, but the “sense of humour” piece he talked about with me was a HUGE paradigm shift…he phrased that issue in a way that finally allowed me to wrap my head around how to make my drama as natural as my comedy. Brilliant.” (Ben Whitehair – Actor – Better Call Saul, Grimm, Nashville)

“Aaron Craven is one of the best there is in the biz when it comes to working with established and new actors in the industry.   I like to call him the blue-collar acting coach because he’s straight-forward, practical, the meat and potatoes type of teacher that gets results….immediately!  There’s never a hesitation to refer any actor to Aaron and the feedback I receive is always positive.”  (Aaron Alexander – Agent, Trisko Talent Management)