Actor coachings and tapings available by appointment. 

Coaching sessions cost $80 hourly or $50 per half hour.  Tapings are $80 hourly or $50 per half hour and include editing.  We can read with you or you can provide a reader, and the session can include coaching for an extra $10 per half hour, if requested.

To book, first call the studio at 604 872 0075 or email us through the contact page.


We’re also available for Skype coaching for out of town requests or when we’re not available in person. Find us at “mitchandmurrayproductions” and book via email or phone.

Support our 2019/20 theatre season and receive a tax receipt and other perks!


VISIONARIES ($1000 +) Anne Marie DeLuise

SUSTAINING DONORS ($500 - 999) Sharon Kahn

PRODUCERS ($250-499) Laura Wanamaker / Novus Global / Jenn Sebastion

SUPPORTERS ($120-249) Libby Brown / Bruce & Doneal Moseley / Jeanie Cloutier / Peter Jones / Mark Hildreth / Loretta Walsh / Shelley Janze / Paul McGillion / P.Lynn Johnson

PALS ($20-119) Beata Jablonska / Eugene Gorodetsky / Barbara Heller / Martina Biljan / Rhona Rees / Arlene Howard / Maureen Delandreville / Railtown Actors Studio / Kate Moore / Marianne Sawchuk & Bruno Verdoni / Ben Ratner & Jen Spence / Caitlin McCarthy / Robyn Bradley / Kathryn Dobbs / Diane Kent / Pam Howard-Jones