Support Our Company

By making a donation to Mitch and Murray Productions , you’ll be joining our PATRONS CIRCLE, an invested group of arts supporters who are in ownership of a vital provocative theatre company that furthers the advancement of the arts in Vancouver. Donors will receive a tax receipt and will be acknowledged through different platforms throughout the year.

For our upcoming season, 2022/23, you’ll be supporting our January production, TBA in the summer of 2022.

Last season – Aaron Craven and Natasha Burnett in Snowflake, nominated for 3 Jessie awards.

In addition to our show, we’ll give back to our community by mentoring young artists with our annual Young Actors Scholarship through our Working Actors Gym.

You’ll also be supporting future editions of our new ACTING ATYPICAL workshop – a foundational exploration of acting for teens and adults on the autism spectrum. Our pilot workshop this June was a big success,  hosted by artistic director Aaron Craven and supported by Reach Child and Youth Development Society.

One time and monthly donations are available. We’re a registered charity, so you get a tax receipt with your online donation. Donate now through our online form and check out patron perks below to see what you receive with your donation. Thank you for your support of our company – we are here because of you!


$20–119 annual donation / $5– $10 per month
Receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation, plus Our Pal benefits.
* A mention in our playbills and on our website.

$120–249 annual donation / $11 – 21 per month
Receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation, plus Supporter benefits.
* PAL Benefits plus:
* A social media thank you

$250 – 499 annual donation / $22 – 41 per month
Receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation plus Producer benefits.
* SUPPORTER benefits plus:
* Two free tickets to our January show.

$500 – 999 annual donation / $42 – 83 per month.
Receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation plus Sustaining Donor benefits.
* PRODUCER benefits plus:
*Four free tickets to our January show.
 *1/2 page ad in our playbills of a business or charity of choice

$1000 plus annual donation / $84 plus per month.
Receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation plus Visionary benefits.
*SUSTAINING DONOR benefits plus:
*Announced thank you on opening night of our show.
*Full page ad in our playbills of a business or charity of choice. Ad on our website, poster, and promotional materials.

In addition to all of the Visionary-level benefits, our company will support and tailor your benefits as a Visionary Donor. For further information and questions about becoming a donor, please see our contact details on the contact page.

2021/22 Season Donors: 

Visionary – Brian Johnston & Judith Betzler / Greg Leach / Jo DiTomasso
Sustaining – Diana Burgess
Producer – Eric Pollins /  Kate Moore /  Natalie Moon /  Diana Sandberg / Michael Meneer / Carlo Fortin / Carole Tarlington / John Prowse & Bronwen Smith / Valerie McNicol 
Supporter – Sukhjinder Johal / Tara & Adam Bender (in memory of Bob Mason) / Judy Lee / Shelley Janze / Loretta Walsh / Sarah Pike / Robyn Bradley / Mark Johncox / Bill & Gladys Baxter / Judith Coffin / Jane Flick & Robert Heidbreder
Pal – Ben Immanuel and Jen Spence / Val leBlanc / George & Rita Plawski / Susan Wood / Eugene Gorodetsky / Jake Anthony (in memory of Susan Anthony) / Judith MacPherson / Mark Hildreth / Tegan Moss / Scott Bellis / John Cassini and Jenn MacLean-Angus / Marianne Sawchuk & Bruno Verdoni / Bernard Cuffling / Diego Garcia / Wendy Panton / David &  Shirley Isaac / Gena Kolson / Janet Walmsley / Jo Ledingham / Davin Tong / Tom Oberti / Neil Naiman / Pam Howard-Jones / John Murphy / Jerry Wasserman / Elaine & Russ McRitchie Miranda 


By sponsoring our upcoming season, you have the opportunity to partner with an exciting local theatre company and your brand will be promoted through our playbills, posters, media releases, social media pages and on our website. We are a registered charity, so your business will also receive a tax receipt for its support. Promote your brand, support a dynamic arts group and get a tax write off for your business!

Sponsorship options, company metrics, etc are available – please CONTACT US for details.