A satirical look at the world of acting classes, “THE ACTING TEACHER” was written and directed by Aaron Craven and features a cameo from Marianas Trench lead singer Josh Ramsay as well as several high profile Canadian actors.¬† *A selection for the 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival.



Hockey Night in Asia is a feature length screenplay by Aaron Craven, currently in development. Check out the trailer for the screenplay, shot at The North Shore Winter Club, featuring local camera ops, stuntmen and actors.



The Masculine Mystique – a short film shot on location at The Astoria Hotel; Vancouver, BC.

Starring Ryan Robbins (Sanctuary, The Guard) and Patrick Gilmore (The Killing, Stargate Universe)

Written and Directed by Aaron Craven.  Produced by Richard Win and Aaron Craven.

Current donations are extra appreciated, to help our theatre company remain solvent as we navigate this difficult time. We're looking forward to being back on stage for the 2020/21 season. Thank you for your generosity and support.


VISIONARIES ($1000 +) Anne Marie DeLuise / Brian Johnston / Kwesi Ameyaw

SUSTAINING DONORS ($500 - 999) Sharon Kahn / Bill McNaughton

PRODUCERS ($250-499) Laura Wanamaker / Novus Global / Jenn Sebastion / Kate Moore / Diana Sandberg

SUPPORTERS ($120-249) Libby Brown / Bruce & Doneal Moseley / Jeanie Cloutier / Peter Jones / Mark Hildreth / Loretta Walsh / Shelley Janze / Paul McGillion / P.Lynn Johnson / Jane Flick and Robert Heidbreder / Carole Tarlington / Susan Vallance / Alistair Stewart

PALS ($20-119) Beata Jablonska / Eugene Gorodetsky / Barbara Heller / Martina Biljan / Rhona Rees / Arlene Howard / Maureen Delandreville / Railtown Actors Studio / Marianne Sawchuk & Bruno Verdoni / Ben Ratner & Jen Spence / Caitlin McCarthy / Robyn Bradley / Kathryn Dobbs / Diane Kent / Pam Howard-Jones / Shirley & David Isaac / Valerie McNicol / Lynda Shioya / George and Rita Plawkski / Diego Garcia / Stefania Indelatico / Eric Pollins / Judith MacPherson / Valerie McNicol / Natalie Goosen /Matt Hamilton